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Ever Wondered About Your Brand Name?

.Name is a Domain name extension assigned to indicate a Name! A Personal or Commercial Brand Name! How does your Commercial Brand Name relates to your Web site? Our branded Web site www.BrandName.Name ® is a commercial directory dedicated to the promotion of such Brand Names unique Web sites with .Name domain extensions.

www.BrandName.name  ® designs, host and promotes .Name domain extension Web sites! Brand your Web site with .Name and be a part of the e-Branded Web sites!

With advent of so many different domain names extensions, the power of .com extension has greatly been dilluted. Has your Brand Name in .com extension been acquired by a speculator? No need to rush and overpay for domain names aquired and horded by speculators. Acquire a well fitting .Name extension for your business and Brand Your Business Name Online with Us! Subject to our corporate rules and regulation. We are a commercial enterprise and not a free services provider!